Technology transfer in nanotechnologies: IP protection, spin-offs

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The course will cover the basis of innovation exploitation in university and the path of growth and maturation of a spin-off/start up. Teachers from university of the European network EELISA UNFOLDS which the school is part, will also be involved. In addition, are awaited contributions from leading companies in the field of innovation: Primo VC, Deloitte, Hoffmann Eitle; while ARTES 4.0 will present the Italian innovation ecosystem.

Chapters of the course:
·       cooperative research
·       starting spin-off and start up
·       success & failure cases in innovation
·       Protection of intellectual property
·       Patents and industrial secret
·       Strategy in protection of innovative ideas
·       the growth path of a start-up/spin-off
·       project management and business model
·       making a business plan
·       Pitch elevator: how to explain your innovation to possible investors

Educational aims

To provide students with the basic knowledge on University third mission, whit a specific emphasis on the opportunities at SNS. deepen the issues of technology and knowledge transfer, innovation management, patent and IP management, starting a spin-off, tools for enterprise acceleration and support.