History and evolution of social security systems from a transnational perspective, 19th-21st centuries

The research activity of 2019 was aimed at studying the history of the development of public health and how the right to health was structured within the twentieth-century welfare state systems.

Seminars held:

1. January 18, 2019: Alessandro Casellato, Ca'Foscari University, title: Methods and sources for oral history
2. February 4, 2019: Jane Humphries, Oxford University, title: History from Underneath: Women and Girls' Experience of Industrialization
3. December 18, 2019: Massimo Mazzotti, University of California Berkeley title: Mathematics, revolution, reaction. Politics of geometric proof.
4 .December 19, 2019: Massimo Mazzotti, University of California Berkeley title: Social history of truth Research title: Internationalist visions and strategies in the Mediterranean and in Africa in the era of decolonization "Dr. Bruno Settis.

Seminar activity on the following topics: theories and practices of development in relation to decolonization; the Bandung Conference and its international consequences.

Research on the relationship between Italian communism and decolonization in the Mediterranean.

Research carried out on the following topics: reforming communism and human rights, 70s-80s of the twentieth century; Welfare State and human rights. Research on the following topic: Lenin, Wilson and internationalisms in the postwar period of the twentieth century.