The Executive Council

The Executive Council deals with the planning of finance, assets and personnel, guaranteeing the economic and financial sustainability of the activities of the SNS.

The Executive Council is composed of ten members:

  1. the Director of the SNS, who is its president
  2. the deans of the three academic faculties
  3. a representative of the associate professors of the SNS;
  4. two councillors external to the SNS designated from among Italian or non-Italian subjects in possession of proven competence in the field of management or with high-level professional experience, with necessary emphasis on their scientific and cultural qualification, who do not play any role in the SNS
  5. a representative of the undergraduate students
  6. a representative of the PhD students
  7. a representative of the technical-administrative personnel

The mandate of the councillors referred to in letters c), d) and g) is of three years;

The mandate of the councillors referred to in letters e) and f) is of two years.