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Barbara Elisabeth Borg

Full Professor


050 509226
Tuesday from 4pm to 5pm
Palazzo della Carovana, primo piano, studio n° 1

She is a classical archaeologist who uses art and archaeology to answer wider historical questions. Her research ranges from the multicultural society of Roman Egypt to Greek vase painting, the relationship between art and text, Roman funerary culture and geoarchaeology. Her monographs include Mumienporträts - Chronologie und kultureller Kontext (von Zabern 1998), Der Logos des Mythos - Allegorien und Personifikationen in der frühen griechischen Kunst (Fink 2002), Crisis and ambition: tombs and burial customs in third-century CE Rome (OUP, 2013), Roman tombs and the art of commemoration: contextual approaches to funerary customs in the second century CE (CUP 2019), and the edited volume Paideia: The World of the Second Sophistic (de Gruyter 2004).

She studied in Bochum and Göttingen in Germany and held research positions and professorships in Heidelberg (Germany) and Exeter (UK) before entering the Scuola Normale in 2022. She has received several honours and grants, including a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship and an ERC Advanced Grant, which funds her current project IN-ROME - The INscribed city: urban structures and interaction in Roma imperiale (Horizon Europe 101054143).