Karolina Nugumanova

Allievo del Corso di Perfezionamento/PhD

Political Science and Sociology


Her primary focus lies in migration and gender studies. As an investigator on independent panel study OutRush, she explores the lives of Russian emigrants globally. Her research extends to large-scale projects like “Building Commons in Russian Diaspora” and examining the experiences of Feminist Anti-War Resistance activists, in collaboration with Indiana University.

She leads the pioneering "Science of Dreams" project, aimed at collecting and sociologically interpreting the dreams of Russians amid the Ukraine war. In early 2023, she made a contribution to the field with her publication, Great, Great Sorrow and Eternal Silence: Sociological Interpretation of Dreams Post-February 24, 2022 (The February Journal, 2023). Her insights also feature in various independent and progressive media outlets (e.g. one and two).

Her academic journey includes studies at the European University at St Petersburg, Venice International University, and Novosibirsk State University. Her Master's thesis is The Documentary Effect: A Socio-Semiotic Analysis of Documentary Film Facts. Currently, at Scuola Normale Superiore, she delves into gendered activism in times of political crisis, focusing on Belarusian and Russian emigration.

She has shared her expertise as a guest speaker at the "Gender Likbez 4.0" summer school at the European University at St. Petersburg and as a documentary film expert at one of the cultural space in St. Petersburg. For more details, visit her website.