The Maintenance Service

The Maintenance Service takes care of the normal maintenance of buildings and systems, plans and manages interventions of monitoring, checking and planned or breakdown replacement.

Main Activities

* Management of the activities inherent to the functioning, conduction and normal maintenance, also minor, of the buildings and systems of the Scuola.
* Normal maintenance activities for the laboratory systems and “CED” rooms of the Scuola, guaranteeing their correct functioning, including air conditioning systems and uninterruptible power supply, with the exception of specific equipment.
* Planning and management of the provision and putting into place of notices not related to health and safety.
* Carrying out of the periodic checks on systems and equipment, and procedures of renewal of authorisations and certifications with expiry dates (e.g. CPI).
* Management of the procedures of assignment for provision of goods and services relating to activities of competence, in accordance with the internal regulations and with prevailing laws regarding public works, with the exclusion of public procedures.
Acquisition, management and maintenance of physical access control devices (gates, video-intercoms, turnstiles, door-opening readers, access control devices etc.), with the support of and in collaboration with the services for connecting to the network and interaction with the information systems.