The Personnel Administration Service

The Personnel Administration Service manages the procedures of recruitment of employed personnel; it oversees the juridical and administrative, welfare and national insurance management of their careers and employment relationships; it supports the authorities in the planning of personnel requirements.

Main activities

* Management of the recruitment of teaching staff (also those on contract), researchers, managers, technical and administrative staff, collaborators and linguistic experts, up to their appointment/hiring and the connected preliminary and subsequent obligations.
* Juridical management of employment relationships relating to the above mentioned categories of personnel.
* Surveying and management of the presence/absence of employees and connected activities (fiscal visits to those on sick leave, management of overtime, holiday plans, quantification of meal vouchers and of the monthly items of the accessory competences to be communicated to the Salary Service for settlement.
* Management of the practices relating to the extra-institutional assignments of employees.
* Monitoring of the obligatory percentage of employment of disabled people and protected categories and annual report to the Centre for Employment.
* Management of health monitoring for employees and for those whose health monitoring is in any case the responsibility of the Scuola, in collaboration with the medical officer and with the SPP (the Prevention and Protection Service); management of the deeds relating to accidents to personnel and students, the verification of physical suitability for a specific work and certification of disability, applications for collegial medical visits (for disability pensions, exemptions etc.).
* Support for the personnel requirement plan in collaboration with the structure responsible for the organisation and connected obligations, including communications via Proper in accordance with the ministerial requirements.
* Assistance to the Provisions Commission and the connected activities 
* Assistance to the Assessment Commission for salary increases to lecturers and researchers
* Assistance to the Commission regarding working from home and the obligations connected to the drafting of the plan for working from home and smart working.
* Secretarial functions for the Office for Disciplinary Procedures of management and technical-administrative personnel (UPD) and the disciplinary procedures for which the managers are exclusively competent.
* Assistance to the commissions for the National Scientific Qualification (for the sessions at which the Scuola has been nominated as the host site).
* In collaboration with the Salary and Budget Services, collecting and online transmission to the Department of Civil Service (Funzione Pubblica) of the data relating to the annual account for which it is responsible; insertion of monthly data of competence to the CSA; transmission of the estimates of juridical and career events relating to employees for the purposes of preparing the Annual Budget.
* Transmission of data and situations relating to the employees of the Scuola of various types and for statistical purposes; obligations of competence relating to access to deeds and transparency.
* Drafting/updating of regulations concerning subjects of competence and management of the implementation of the agreements of competence.
* Management of the files of the employees of the Scuola; drafting of the part of the employees' personnel records for which the Scuola is responsible and of certificates/attestations of service; transmission of  data and situations relating to employees of the Scuola of various types and for statistical purposes; obligations of competence relating to access to deeds and transparency.