The Research and Technological Transfer Service


The Research and Technological Transfer Service co-ordinates and manages the development, fundraising, management and accounting activities for research projects and the development of the results obtained.

Main activities

* Research, analysis and dissemination of national and international calls (with particular reference to EU calls) for the funding of research activities and projects.
* Support to lecturers/researchers at the presentation stage of research projects and in the management of the administrative procedures linked to the funding of institutional and third party research.
* Assistance and consultation for the carrying out of research projects and for the laboratories/centres of the Scuola, with particular attention to the management and organisational aspects of the projects approved: validation of the expenses linked to the projects; checking of the contents of the related agreements.
* Intermediate and final accounting procedures for funded research projects.
* Support for the institutional activities of the Pro-rectors of reference and of the commissions and internal committees for the assessment, approval and funding of institutional and third-party protocols and research projects, and the activities related to them: Research Commission, Joint Ethical Committee, Joint Commission for Technological Transfer and other scientific committees formed ad hoc for the research of the Scuola.
* Management of the activities connected to intellectual property and technological transfer, including the related activities of participation in the joint offices with the other special-status Scuole and in the context of the Tuscany Region, participation in other specialist consortia and the management and support to the centres of competence and projects on themes of technological transfer.
* Awareness and training initiatives on themes relating to research and innovation.

Alessandra Patrono

She graduated in Economics at the University of Pisa, she has collaborated in research activities in the field of Management of Innovation, in particular regarding the protection of industrial property of universities and research centres, the creation of spin-off companies as a technological transfer tool, the dynamics of creation and growth of companies operating in high-technology sectors and the organisation and performance of university technological transfer offices.

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