College life

College life

College life is an integral part of the training model of the Normale, since it cements the sense of community and favours contact and exchange  between students, researchers and teaching staff, creating important opportunities for dialogue also in informal and unstructured contexts. The sharing of spaces (colleges, canteen and  library), and of collaborations that go beyond the strictly didactic and research context, favours the human and cultural growth of each member of the community, making the course of studies  at the SNS a unique experience.

Colleges and canteen

In addition to the reimbursement of university fees and a small monthly contribution for personal expenses, SNS students in Pisa benefit from free accommodation at one of the Colleges of the Normale and free board at the canteen, for the entire duration o


The sites: seven historical palazzi in Pisa and one in Florence, in the heart of the two cities, host the teaching, research and administrative activities of the Scuola Normale Superiore. In addition there is the Palazzone di Cortona (Arezzo), an annexed


The Normale welcomes international students, researchers and lecturers interested in visiting, and provides them with the necessary support so that it can be a constructive and stimulating experience, as well as an opportunity for exchange and growth for

Collaboration opportunities

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to engage in paid collaborations regarding the activities that take place within the SNS, with the exception of those relating to teaching and  exams, as well as those related to administrative responsibility.

Psychological wellbeing and support

Since 2004, the Scuola Normale Superiore has availed itself of psychological support services by means of agreements and direct assignments for specialist services for the psychophysical well-being of its students.

Support for the disabled

The Normale offers administrative support to the Director's Representative for the activities pertaining to disability and equal opportunity

Student activities

Every year students can make use of a fund dedicated to self-managed cultural and recreational activities that enrich their collegiate and community experience, adding the latter to their educational experience.