Calculus of variations, geometric theory of measurement and geometric analysis

Several problems of Non Linear Analysis are studied with techniques of Calculus of Variations and Geometric Theory of Measurement. The most recent results of the group in this field include the theory of optimal transport, with applications to the study of irrecgular boundary metric spaces, matching and evolution problems, and geometric equations with applications in Riemannian geometry, as well as the theory of curves and surfaces and  physical-mathematical problems.

Prizes and Projects
  • PRIN 2022 "Variational and Analytical aspects of Geometric PDEs" (Andrea Malchiodi)
  • PRIN 2022 "Gradient Flows and Non-Smooth Geometric Structures with Applications to Optimization and Machine Learning" (Luigi Ambrosio)
  • "Premio Balzan 2019 - Optimal Transport and Applications" (Luigi Ambrosio)