Human rights and the transformation of political and religious cultures in the late 20th century

The research activity of 2019 was aimed at studying the history of the development of public health and how the right to health was structured within the twentieth-century welfare state systems.

Seminars held:

1. January 18, 2019: Alessandro Casellato, Ca'Foscari University, title: Methods and sources for oral history
2. February 4, 2019: Jane Humphries, Oxford University, title: History from Underneath: Women and Girls' Experience of Industrialization
3. December 18, 2019: Massimo Mazzotti, University of California Berkeley title: Mathematics, revolution, reaction. Politics of geometric proof.
4 .December 19, 2019: Massimo Mazzotti, University of California Berkeley title: Social history of truth Research title: Internationalist visions and strategies in the Mediterranean and in Africa in the era of decolonization "Dr. Bruno Settis.

Seminar activity on the following topics: theories and practices of development in relation to decolonization; the Bandung Conference and its international consequences.

Research on the relationship between Italian communism and decolonization in the Mediterranean.

Research carried out on the following topics: reforming communism and human rights, 70s-80s of the twentieth century; Welfare State and human rights. Research on the following topic: Lenin, Wilson and internationalisms in the postwar period of the twentieth century.