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Maria Ida Gulletta

Personale tecnico amministrativo


Maria Ida Gulletta, graduated in «Classical Philology» (Messina 1985) with specializations in Italy and abroad, got her PhD in «Classical Philology & Ancient History» at the Scuola Normale Superiore (1990).

She extensively wrote on the historical geography of Sicily and Magna Graecia, the history of antiquarianism and cartography, travel diaries, and drawings of ancient artworks and monuments. In addition, she studied the dialogue between art and cartography in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, focusing on the language of images as an instrument of political propaganda and non-verbal communication.

Since 1999 she has been a Technical-Scientific Area Officer at the Scuola Normale Superiore. Thanks to specialized training promoted by the SNS, she has developed skills in web and social communication; editorial graphics for print and online publications; copyrights (for images and publications); organization of conferences, seminars, and outreach activities; preparation of exhibitions for schools; management of national research projects and calls for research collaboration; website design, editing, and data entry; management of digital libraries, databases, and digital collections; coordination of job shadowing internships; elaboration of technical reports and know-how guidelines.

Within the STG Polvani she carries out support activities for Teaching, Research, and Third Mission for the HumanitiesLab. For the SAETLab, she is the Admin of social communication, manager and content editor of the editorial plan. She also carries out editorial curatorship for the dissemination of research, coordinates the digital libraries and the editing of websites, manages the organizational aspects for dissemination and outreach, and supervises students’ collaborations to projects, from managing calls to transferring knowledge. With the DocStArLab she collaborates in dissemination, web design, and Third Mission activities.