The Polvani management structure

The technical and management structure was opened on 1st March 2020; it provides support to the educational and research activities developed by the Laboratories of the Normale in the Humanities sector, and in particular in the fields of antiquity (history, epigraphy, archaeology and topography of the ancient world) and historical-artistic (palaeography, history of art, history of art criticism, history of cultural institutions from the Middle Ages to the present).

The structure has assembled the technical competences and the tools already present in the Laboratories of Documentation of the History of Art, History, Archaeology, Epigraphy and the Tradition of Antiquity.
Thanks to the bringing together and harmonisation of these experiences, the structure can offer, among other things, technical support and management for the numerous activities of research by students and staff of the  Normale.

Main activities

  • Planning, implementation, population, editing, updating and management of data banks and computer resources for Ancient History, Epigraphy, Palaeography, Archaeology, Cartography and historical-artistic visual and textual documentation.
  • Implementation and updating of portals dedicated to communication and scientific dissemination in the field of the Humanities.
  • Organisation of all the stages of an archaeological research project (reconnaissance and digging), including the field work, the filing of the finds, the acquisition and production of graphical and cartographic images (also from using GIS), the writing of scientific reports and publications, and the dissemination and placing in a museum context of the results.
  • Organisation of all the stages of a photographic campaign (contacts, agreements, surveys, the acquisition of photographs, filing, editing, post production, consignment of the original material, analogical, digital and infrared, both from earth and from drones, also in 3D). 
  • Preparation and online dissemination of self-assessment exercises for participation in the competition for admission to the undergraduate course (tests in Greek and Latin, History of Art and Palaeography).
  • Documentary and iconographic research for students, PhD students and scholarship holders using traditional or digital resources, and the planning of information systems for the carrying out of research.
  • Organisation and management of a set of photographic files (analogical and digital), containing material attributable to the sectors of the History of Art and Palaeography for the use of lecturers and students.
  • Promotion and organisation of Third Sector activities (meetings, invitations, conferences, presentations, online dissemination, etc.).
  • Promotion of the research, fund raising, monitoring and reporting of projects and activities.
  • Collection, management and editing of texts and images for scientific publications.
  • Acquisition of goods and services necessary for the research activities and programmes, partly by means of interaction with the designated structures of the central administration. In order to request goods and services for research please fill out this Purchase Request

Maria Ida Gulletta

Maria Ida Gulletta, graduated in «Classical Philology» (Messina 1985) with specializations in Italy and abroad, got her PhD in «Classical Philology & Ancient History» at the Scuola Normale Superiore (1990).