The Tendering and Acquisition Service

The Tendering and Acquisition Service manages tendering and the acquisition of goods and services, and programmes acquisitions

Main activities

-Management and coordination of planning and acquisition strategies and development and use of new channels and operational tools
-Management of tendering procedures above the community threshold and of the correlated negotiation activity
-Management of tendering procedures below the EU threshold (with the exception of those managed by the Construction and Maintenance Area)
-  Management of the negotiation activity below the threshold (with the exception of that managed by individual structures)
-Management of direct credit lines with amounts under 40,000 + VAT (with the exclusion of procedures managed by other structures)
-Management and coordination of the obligations required by the anti-corruption and transparency legislation in relation to public contracts
-Support to the Managers of the SNS Procedure both in the definition of the acquisition process and in the management of contracts throughout their respective duration
-Invoice settlement during execution and monitoring of company credit card expenses in conjunction with the Budget and Accounting Service