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Department of Excellence of the Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Sciences of the Normale have secured funding for the initiative “Dipartimenti di Eccellenza” (“Departments of Excellence”) 2018-2022 (set in motion with Law No. 232, Art. 1 of December 2016), thanks to their ranking and to the projects presented.

The Department of Excellence (DipE) of the Faculty of Humanities has as its cornerstone the study of the relationship between iconic and verbal language, in its widest sense both temporally (from antiquity to the contemporary age) and regarding disciplines (art history, literature, philology, history and philosophy), and envisages the development of the following main qualifying objectives:

  1. to enhance research and teaching activities on the word-image theme, in particular with the creation of a new PhD in Art History, covering the periods of art history from antiquity to the contemporary age and intended as a reference point for studies developed within the Faculty of Humanities on the relationship between text and image;
  2. to integrate and enhance the convergence of the three laboratories that have carried out studies and research on word and image in recent times: the DocStAR, SAET and SMART laboratories.