Human resources

The activities of the DipE, coordinated by Prof. Flavio Fergonzi, were worked out and monitored by a Scientific Committee of five representatives of the faculty seminars:

Prof. Flavio Fergonzi, for the Art History seminar; Prof. Stefano Carrai, for the Italian Studies seminar; Prof. Francesco Benigno, for the History seminar; Prof. Gianpiero Rosati, for the Classics seminar; Prof. Mario Piazza for the Philosophy seminar.

The funds of the DipE were also used to recruit a full professor of Medieval Art History and a researcher in Medieval History; keeping within the lines of research and teaching of the DipE but using SNS funds, a full professor of Italian Literature and a full professor of Modern History were also engaged.

Research grants

The activities of the DipE have enabled the setting up of research grants on topics linked to all five   seminars: Classics, Philosophy, History, Art History, Italian Studies and Modern Philology. Using the research grants it was possible to start up a process of multidirectional and multidisciplinary in-depth study of the text-image relationship, a topic permeating the DipE and also characterising all five of the PhD courses of the Faculty of Humanities.

Of the scientific topics developed by the researchers involved, the following are listed here below:

  • The catalogue of the exhibition of contemporary art in the private gallery as an autonomous editorial genre (1960-1980)
  • The sixteenth century reception  of some Ovidian myths: textual and  iconographical paths
  • Word and image of maternity: Niobe between visualisation and textuality  in Greek literature
  • The construction of the male politico: the imagery of political subversion in Europe of the nineteenth century
  • The library of the duke and duchess of Calabria Alfonso of Aragon and Ippolita Maria Sforza
  • For a visual history of social security in Italy (1919-1978)
  • Quod erat videndum: heuristic, logical and cognitive aspects of diagrams in mathematical reasoning
  • Text and image in Roberto Longhi
  •  The tradition of Dante's illustrated Divine Comedy: research studies for a genealogical classification
  • Word and image in the archive of an art historian. The Giuliano Briganti collection
  • Medals and the Venetian Renaissance: techniques, protagonists, institutions