Teaching and training activities

The activities of the project linked to the DipE have led to the reorganisation and  consolidation of the  PhD courses of the  Faculty of Humanities on a disciplinary basis and to the creation of a PhD in Art History, thus encouraging the increase in and enhancement of the research and teaching activities on the topic of the text-image relationship, partly by the enhancement  of some research laboratories present at the SNS and active on the lines of research  correlated to those developed in the project activity.

The DipE has also promoted a sizeable number of seminars by external lecturers in residence at the faculty, often coming from prestigious international institutions, in such subjects as Classics, Italian Studies, history and art history. Among them are the long series of lectures by Michael F. Zimmermann (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt) and Michele Bacci (University of Fribourg), and the short series of lectures by Caroline Van Eck (University of Cambridge), Jean Boutier (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences sociales), Emily Braun (Hunter College),  Christopher Green (The British Academy) and Guido Rebecchini (The Courtauld), enabling undergraduate and PhD students to keep up to date with the most advanced research studies relating to the topic of the DipE and giving rise to the creation of a cultural relations network between the Faculty of Humanities and the above institutions.

The DipE has, moreover, enabled the funding of the organisation of conferences that, with a sizeable number of international contributions, have focussed on  the topics pertaining to the DipE: “philology of images”, ranging from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era, the exhibition catalogue of the modern art gallery as an autonomous literary genre, illustration in Dante, the critical and visual implications of the studies of Francesco Orlando and the epigraphical and archaeological documentation on diplomacy in ancient Greece.