SensusAccess - Conversion of files into accessible formats

SensusAccess is an application for the conversion of files and web pages into various alternative multimedial formats.

The user can access several functions with differing features:

  • Reading in digital Braille

  • Audio files: MP3s and audiobooks (in DAISY format )

  • E-books in EPUB, EPUB3 format

The service may also be used to aid in the fruition of documents otherwise inaccessible, such as PDF files of images alone or scanned images/texts

Files can be obtained in the formats required in 4 simple steps:

  1. Access to the app:
  2. Uploading of the original file
  3. Choice of final format (output)
  4. Entering your institutional email address and sending the request

The converted and accessible file (or the link for downloading in the case of files of considerable size) will be sent to the provided e-mail address.

All documents sent will be automatically eliminated on completion of the conversion.
The processed file will be available for 7 days, after which the processing requested will be automatically eliminated from the server.

All components of the community of the Scuola Normale (students, lecturers, researchers and technical-administrative personnel) may utilise the service via their personal SNS e-mail account.

The use of the service is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The service herein is provided exclusively for educational, teaching and non- commercial purposes.

  • The responsibility for any violations of copyright lies with the final user.
  • The latter is  authorised to utilise files converted into accessible format solely and exclusively for his or her own personal use.

  • Neither the Scuola Normale Superiore nor SensusApS will be held responsible for the improper dissemination or use of any information.

  • The final user is responsible for the safeguarding of the material at his or her disposal, which must be utilised without infringing the intellectual property rights of its author.

  • You are advised not to utilise this service for sending or exchanging reserved or private information.