Communications Office


The Communications Office oversees all activities that have a direct impact on the image and brand of the Scuola Normale


Main activities

-Institutional communication: interaction with Director, collegiate authorities, educational and scientific structures and administration offices, with a view to centralized coordination of all external communication activities.
-Press office: management of relations with the national and international press, news to the media regarding the activities of the Scuola Normale, management of NormaleNews, daily press review.
-Graphics department: management, protection and promotion of the coordinated image and the brand, graphic design, creation and dissemination of press and web communication materials, design and creation of stationery and gadgets
-Website management: updating, maintenance, editorial supervision of the contents of institutional websites and centralized coordination of the websites of the structures of the Scuola.
-Social channels management: coordinated management of the social channels of the Normale.
-Video material: processing of promotional video materials of the Scuola Normale, post-production and publication on the social channels of the Scuola; filming of events and conferences; creation of video materials from scratch that promote the activities of the Scuola.
-Translations: translations into and from English of institutional communication material, news, regulatory sources.

Lorenzo Cioni

Ph.D./ Dottore di Ricerca in: Matematica per le Decisioni Economiche, Università di Pisa, Ciclo XX
Ph.D./ Dottore di Ricerca in: Ingegneria Matematica e Simulazione, Università di Genova, Ciclo XXIV

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