The Legal Department


The Legal Department manages the contentious and consultative affairs of the Scuola Normale.


Main activities

-Management of contentious affairs (pre-litigation, out-of-court and judicial litigation, execution etc.), including labor litigation and litigation relating to public procurement. Assistance, representation, technical defense and legal aid of the SNS in active and passive disputes before the competent judicial authorities, except those dealt with by the State Attorney's Office or those assigned by the Executive Council to external professionals, and in conciliation and mediation procedures, arbitration, complaint, self-protection, assisted negotiation, and so on, provided for by legislation or by negotiation documents.
-Collaboration with the State Attorney's Office for contentious and consultative affairs and carrying out of activities delegated by the latter, in accordance with the relevant legislation.
-Management of the consultative affairs, upon recommendation of the authorities or of the relevant structures: legal advice on legal issues of particular importance not attributable to the ordinary legal-administrative competences of those responsible of the proceedings or of the managers if there is a risk of litigation, and legal advice on corruption prevention planning and transparency, preventive checks on the legitimacy of internal regulatory acts, codes of conduct and, if there is a risk of litigation, checks on the various acts.
-Complementary activities attributable, in accordance with current legislation, to the legal profession in the exclusive interest of the institution such as, for example: tax credit recovery and, if reported by the structures, other credits; reports and insurance claims for damage and reimbursements related to the dispute; reimbursement of legal expenses to employees; legal assignments to external parties; information, updating and training activities on the subjects covered.