Laboratorio di Biologia - BIO@SNS


Biology Laboratory


The scientific focus of the research at Bio @ SNS is the study of the brain, and of its functions and mechanisms during development, adulthood and ageing. The research proceeds in two main directions: the focus on Neurobiology and Neuroscience (studies with a long tradition at the SNS) is completed and integrated with new scientific programmes that study the molecular and cellular bases of neuronal development, the biology of stem cells, neurodegeneration and ageing.

The aim of Bio @ SNS is to develop and set up cutting edge technologies and experimental strategies in the field of genomics, recombinant antibodies, optogenetics and the genetic incorporation of non natural amino acids, through the expansion of the genetic code, into recombinant proteins of interest.

Biology is essentially – or predominantly – an experimental science. It is for this reason that the students of Biology, starting from the first years of the undergraduate course, are required to attend the laboratories as part of their study obligations. Bio @ SNS offers students of the Faculty of Sciences the opportunity to come into contact with the most recently developed studies and methodologies in the field of Biology, and to be introduced to  research  in a competitive environment in line with international standards. Although the SNS is small in size, its well established network of collaboration with   national and international research institutions enables it to attain and maintain the critical mass necessary for the development of fruitful scientific exchange. In this sense, Bio @ SNS represents a point of attraction for students of differing scientific disciplines, with the aim of educating and nurturing a new generation of students of Biology well prepared for the scientific demands of “ Quantitative Biology”.