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Palazzo del Capitano

The Palazzo del Capitano is a set of buildings formed by the union of medieval towers which over time had been built very close to each other. Its entrance is from Piazza del Castelletto, but its austere façade dominates via Ulisse Dini, the curved street which comes out into Piazza dei Cavalieri.
It has contained a portion of the Library of the Scuola Normale since September 1994: art history and rare and antique materials on the ground floor, sciences and administrative offices on the second and third floors. The recent restoration has left the most interesting architectural traces, such as arches and commemorative inscriptions, in evidence on the façade.
The interior--with its heterogeneous spaces composed of a few large halls which lead into long corridors with numerous small study areas—is a central, open room surrounded by reading rooms and galleries. At the centre of this covered courtyard there is an Etruscan sculpture of a standing female figure, donated by Admiral Miniati of La Spezia.