Residenza Aldo Capitini

The Aldo Capitini student residence

The student residence of Florence was named after the Normale alumnus Aldo Capitini, an important twentieth century scholar and pedagogist and promoter of non-violence and peace initiatives. The residence is sited in Viale Corsica, in one of the monumental former  slaughterhouse buildings of Florence designed in 1865 by the architect Giuseppe Poggi. The premises, which were conceded to the Scuola Normale by the Municipality of Florence, have been restructured with funding from the Ministero dell’istruzione. dell’Università e della Ricerca (the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research). They occupy a total  surface area of 2200 square metres and host undergraduate and PhD students of the Florence site in 24 mini-lodgings. In addition, it boasts ample communal designated to studying and leisure activities. 

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