la Normale a scuola

The Normale at school

With the emergence of the health crisis and the closure of the schools during the first strict lockdown of March 2020, the Scuola Normale Superiore enhanced its initiatives with a new way of meeting with the schools: lecturers and researchers offered  live interactive online lectures to thousands of students of the upper secondary schools in the whole of Italy and abroad.

La Normale a scuola aspires to be above all a tool for dialogue and reciprocal awareness between the university and the upper secondary schools: for students, it is a first direct contact with research, its topics and its challenges; for the Scuola Superiore Normale and its personnel, it is an opportunity for meeting and understanding.

Its first edition was followed in 2021 by the second, which confirmed and consolidated the interest of the upper secondary schools in this initiative of ours.

The third edition – which will take off on 13 December of this year with the inaugural lecture by Andrea Ferrara – promises a full timetable of lectures on a wide range of disciplines, themes and methodological approaches, given by scholars of various generations of the Scuola Normale Superiore who will be returning to lend their services in order to cement the relationship  with the schools.

Emphasis will be on the interdisciplinary approach: for many lectures you will find listed the  sectors with which the theme discussed can be connected, in a spirit of openness and dialogue between differing fields. 

School year 2021/2022: modalities and timetable

The lectures will begin on 13 December 2021, and will continue for the entire school year, until the end of May 2022. The initiative will proceed in distance mode, even when teaching begins again in person; we will notify you in good time of the modalities and of any updates thereto.

The lectures will be held entirely in distance mode, through an online platform managed  directly by the Scuola Normale Superiore. The lectures are all free of charge.

All lectures are open to teachers and students of all classes of the upper secondary schools of every order, up to a maximum of 270 individual links per lecture. The lectures can be attended by entire classes, or by groups of teachers and pupils coming from different classes.

1. Timetable

The lectures will be held from Monday to Saturday, both in school time and outside school hours; the TIMETABLE is AVAILABLE HERE.

The timetable is constantly updated, and in the coming months further dates and titles may be added on the basis of the availability of the lecturers. We therefore suggest that you keep an eye on the timetable.

By clicking on the Title of each lecture, you can visualise a  presentation page for the lecture (containing a brief abstract, any reading suggestions and indications as to the classes for which the lecture is most suitable). The page for each lecture  contains all the dates and times of the lecture and the relative link for booking it.

2. Bookings

In order to take part in each lecture, you must complete an online booking form, available before the lecture on the page of our web site relating to the lecture. For bookings referring to several users, you need to insert only the contact data of the lecturer or reference person (name, surname, valid e-mail address, phone number, institute and city of provenance). It is not necessary to insert the contact data of all the participants.

Before the lecture, the lecturer who carried out the booking will receive a link that he or she can share with the students for whom he or she has booked places.

As many places must be booked as there are effective individual link-ups to the platform for the lecture. 

Those not having booked a place will not be allowed to attend the lectures.

For access to the booking forms, click on Register and enter your password. If you do not have the password (which we have sent to all the institutes, and to all the lecturers for whom we have contact details), you can ask for it by sending an e-mail to

The bookings will always open a month prior to the start of the lecture, on the same day as the lecture in the previous month, at 3 p.m. (for example, for a lecture scheduled for  1 March 2022, the bookings will open at 3 p.m. on 1 February 2022).

Bookings for the lectures in December and January are already open.