Scuola Normale Superiore - The Programmatic Development Plan

The Programmatic Development Plan


The Programmatic Development Plan is the document that sets out the strategic guidelines of the SNS up to 2024, defining the objectives that will guide the operational choices of the academic and management structures.



A participatory process

Through numerous meetings with the entire community of the Normale, the Scuola has embarked on a route involving the community's informed participation in the definition of the strategic aims which constitute the Plan herein

Where we are now: Teaching

The Normale aims for the highest possible level of permanent and recurrent university and post-university teaching, with emphasis on the relationship between teaching and research.

Where we are now: Research

At the Normale, predominantly fundamental research is carried out in the three fields of mathematical, physical and natural sciences, in the disciplines of humanities and in the political and social sciences.

Where we are now: Third Mission

Direct interaction with the economic and social fabric is an indispensable aspect of the contribution of the Normale to local, national and international development.

The strategic aims

The strategic aims identified in the development plan of the Scuola Normale Superiore are to rise in particular to six challenges