Soggiorni di studio e di ricerca dall'estero


The Normale welcomes international students, researchers and lecturers interested in visiting, and provides them with the necessary support so that it can be a constructive and stimulating experience, as well as an opportunity for exchange and growth for the entire community of the Normale.

Preliminary Information

The academic year of the Normale begins on November 1st. Lessons and seminars are held between October and June. The Normale does not adopt a credit system for its courses, the workload of which is therefore expressed in hours.

Visiting Researchers and Teaching Staff

Researchers and teaching staff from other national and international universities who wish to carry out research activities at the Scuola Normale Superiore can apply for a visiting position at any time of the year.

Italian Courses

The Normale offers free Italian language courses to international students and fellows (Erasmus and non-Erasmus) and researchers on international mobility.