Introduction to graphene optoelectronics

Course Seminars in Condensed Matter Physics


In this Seminar, I will discuss the topic of optoelectronic processes in graphene, a two-dimensional material consisting of a single sheet of Carbon atoms.  After summarizing graphene's rise to prominence in physical and technological research, I will detail its band structure, from which graphene's main optoelectronic properties can be understood.  In particular, I will describe its peculiar electron-hole continuum, screening of electron-electron interactions, and plasmon excitations.

In the final part of the seminar I will focus on electron dynamics (including electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions) on ultra-fast timescales, which can be measured by optical means in so-called "pump-probe" experiments.  I will give a broad overview of some results obtained in collaboration with experimental groups in the last several years.