Spacetime, Quantum Mechanics and Positive Geometry At Infinity

Colloquio della Classe di Scienze


    Nima Arkani-Hamed
    Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, USA


 "The past decade has seen the emergence of surprising new  connections between the real-world physics of elementary particle scattering processes, and simple new mathematical structures in combinatorics, algebra and geometry. These ideas provide, in a number of examples, a different starting point for conceptualizing physics, where the fundamental principles of spacetime and quantum mechanics are not taken as primary, but instead emerge from a more primitive mathematical rubric. In this talk I will illustrate these ideas in their simplest settings, showing in a variety of examples how basic particle scattering processes are autonomously determined by ``positive geometries", which are natural generalizations of simplices and polygons. The rules of spacetime and quantum mechanics emerge from the combinatorial geometry seen in the boundary structure of these spaces. This talk will be entirely self-contained; no previous knowledge of either the relevant physics or mathematics will be assumed or needed".     


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