Cosmology and Astrophysics

The group's activities are carried out along the following lines of research:
1. First stars and cosmic reionization
2. Cosmology with the 21 cm line of neutral hydrogen
3. Study of the evolution of super-massive black holes and their host galaxies
4. Study of high redshift galaxies and their internal properties
5. Intergalactic medium
6. Astrophysics with gamma rays
7. Gravitational waves

Funded projects:

ERC AdG (Ferrara), ERC StG (Carniani), ERC StG (Mesinger), PRIN 2017 (Ferrara), PRIN 2017, 2022 (Gallerani).

Competitive projects for instrumentation / experiments:

  • PRACE Tier-0 (Mesinger); ESO X-shooter large program (Ferrara, Gallerani, Mesinger);
  • Co-I ACA observational program (20 hours, priority C, Gallerani) Co-I ESO X-shooter large program (248 hours, Gallerani); Co-I CINECA proposal (50000 CPU hours, Gallerani/Ferrara);
  • Co-I VLA observational program (44 hours, priority A, Gallerani).
  • JWST, Early Science Release Large Program (250 hr, Ferrara/Gallerani)
  • JWST, Cycle 1 GO Program (21.4 hr, Carniani/Ferrara/Gallerani/Kohandel/Ntormousi/Vallini)
  • PRACE, tier-0 (20 million CPUh, Mesinger) Chandra, Cycle 21, (509ks, Mesinger)
  • VLT ESO, (248h, D'Odorico, Ferrara, Gallerani, Mesinger)

Conferences and  workshops:

  1. The Growth of Galaxies, Sesto, Italy (I)
  2. Intensity Mapping Workshop, Flatiron Institute, New York, USA (I)
  3. Spica 2019 Conference, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece (I)
  4. What matter(s) in between galaxies, Spineto, Italy (I)
  5. Zoom-In and Out: From the Interstellar Medium to the Large Scale Structure of the Universe, Stockholm, Sweden (I)
  6. EWASS18, European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, Lyon, France (I)
  7. Lines in the Large Scale Structure, Marseille, France (S)
  8. ALMA Workshop, Ringberg, Germany (I)
  9. Artificial Intelligence Methods in Cosmology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (C)
  10. Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA), Cambridge, UK (I)
  11. Concordances and challenges in cosmology after Planck, Sexten, Italy (C)
  12. EUCLID & Beyond, Rome, Italy (I);
  13. SPICA collaboration meeting, Saclay, France (I);
  14. Hot topics in Astrophysics, Sexten, Italy (I)
  15. SPICA collaboration meeting, IAPS, Italy (I)
  16. The Interstellar Medium of High Redshift Galaxies, Sexten (I)
  17. Next-Gen. Cosmology with Next-Gen. Radio Telescopes 2, Sexten (I)
  18. Reionization theory and 21-cm cosmology, International School on Physics of the Universe – Multi-Messenger Astrophysics, Asiago, (I) 4. SPICA collaboration meetings, VIRTUAL (I) 5. XQR-30 collaboration meeting (I), Pisa


Humboldt Research Award (Ferrara)