Ettore Remotti (1948-1960)

A biologist and a medical doctor, Remotti was in charge of the Scuola Normale for a long period, in which the economic situation of the institute remained precarious.
He appointed glottologist Tristano Bolelli as deputy director, who played a decisive role in determining an increase in the state contribution to the Scuola Normale, thanks to a specific law, in 1957: the administrative staff thus became employees of the state.
In these important years, numerous teachers were appointed, for the Faculty of Letters and for the Faculty of Sciences, among others, Arsenio Frugoni and Aldo Andreotti, former students of the Scuola Normale, and the mathematician Ennio De Giorgi.
Remotti emphasised the role of the Scuola Normale as a place of training for scholars and scientists rather than future secondary school teachers.
In the academic year 1952/1953 women were finally readmitted, and in 1959 the new "Domenico Timpano" Women's College was opened.
Students and female students increased in number: there was a return to over 100 students, as in the years before the war.
Among the students of this period was Carlo Rubbia, Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1984.