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VII Convegno

Invited Speakers

ALEXANDRA AIKHENVALD, James Cook University Cairns, AustraliaDORIS PAYNE, University of Oregon, USA


SEPTEMBER 26th9.45 Opening

Session chair: FLAVIA CUTURI10.00 LUCIA GOLLUSCIOIndividuation and depersonalization in Mapudungun. A contribution to referentiality in Amerindian languages10.30 SARA PACCHIAROTTIOn the origins of the ergative marker wã in the Viceitic languages of the Chibchan family11.00 ALESSIO MURODeterminers, evidentiality and tense in Oowekyala texts

11.30 Pause

Session chair: BERNHARD HURCH12.00 ANNELIESE KELTERERGlottalisation and the Word in Chichimeco12.30 DIDIER DEMOLINGlottalization features in some South American languages

13.00 Lunch

Session chair: LUCIA GOLLUSCIO15.00 DORIS L. PAYNEOn deictic notions in three languages of South America16.00 THOMAS E. PAYNESpatial Orientation in Yagua

16.30 Pause

Session chair: WOLF DIETRICH17.00 MAURIZIO GNERRE & ANNA RICCIO‘Speaking’, between ‘doing’ and ‘saying’17.30 FLAVIA CUTURIAspectos textuales y extra-textuales de temporalidad “histórica” en eventos rituales Ikoots (Huave, San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca, México)18.00 GIANGUIDO MANZELLIThe competition between Spanish and Nahuatl for the name for ‘cat’: A trace of the role played by Nahuatl as a lingua franca in early New Spain18.30 LUCIANO GIANNELLIInforme sobre la actividad del CISAP-Cagliari y su relación con el CISAI-Siena

18.45 End of the day and walk to the restaurant20.00 Dinner


Session chair: THOMAS E. PAYNE9.00 ALEXANDRA AIKHENVALDSerial verb constructions in Amazonian languages10.00 BERNHARD HURCHSerial verbs in Pame

10.30 Pause

Session chair: DIDIER DEMOLIN11.00 LUCA CIUCCI & PIER MARCO BERTINETTONominal suffixes in Zamucoan11.30 RAOUL ZAMPONI (with BERNARD COMRIE)Verb Root Ellipsis: Americas and beyond12.00 WOLF DIETRICHBolivian Tupi-Guarani languages: New data allowing new insights into their classification

12.30 Closing and take away lunch