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 PhD admission competition

 All PhD courses are open to Italian and non-Italian students

All doctoral programmes are open to both Italian and non-Italian students.
All students admitted to our doctoral programmes receive a scholarship, which includes financial support for accommodation. Students are also entitled to free meals at the School's canteen.
No registration fees are required, and the School refunds the regional student tax.
All students are entitled to additional funding for their research activities, in Italy and abroad.
For each PhD course, a place is reserved for candidates who graduated in foreign universities, provied they obtained a qualification valid to access the competition. A place is reserved in the ranking list for each course.

Submit applications using the following link

The competition procedures relating to the PhD calls with deadline for the submission of applications on 24 August at 11.59 pm. are currently being completed.


  • applications submissions: no later than 11:59 p.m. (CEST) on 24 August 2023
  • outcome of the assessment of qualifications: within 7 September 2023
  • oral interviews: from 13 to 28 September 2023


The following candidates, regardless of their citizenship, can apply:

  • those who have a master's degree or an equivalent non-italian qualification, awarded no more than five years before the deadline of the call (24 August 2018)
  • those who will obtain a master's degree in Italy or an equivalent qualification in a non-Italian university by 31October 2023;

Admission to doctoral programmes will be based on academic assessment of candidates and on interviews.


Faculty of Humanities



Romance and italian philology in the Digital Turnin collaboration with: 

University of Florence

Federico II University of Naples

University for Foreigners of Siena

Scuola Superiore Meridionale

OVI - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Ezio Franceschini Foundation (ONLUS)


n. 2 of which DM 118/2023 - "Philological research on Italian texts, manuscripts and novels with digital applications"


n. 1 scholarship DM 118/2023 - "Art, archeology and history in the Greco-Roman world: edition and interpretation of catalogs and corpora"


Faculty of Sciences



Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology (COMPAC)


n. 1 of which DM 118/2023 - "Radiation-hydrodynamic of galactic outflows"



n. 1 of which DM 118/2023 - "Novel foundations and architectures in quantum physics"

Computational methods and mathematical models for sciences and finance


n. 1 of which on a specific topic PNRR project - "Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence"

Methods and models for molecular sciences


n. 2 of which DM 118/2023

- "Computational design of new materials for applications in the field of renewable energy sources"

- "Computational strategies for the simulation of the atmospheric reactivity of molecular species in the gaseous phase"



n. 2 of which DM 118/2023 "Nanotechnologies for Quantum Sciences and Technologies";

n. 1 of which DM 117/2023 - "Quantum Effects in Energy Management" co-financed by Planckian srl;

n. 1 of which on a specific topic in collaboration with CNR-NANO"Photonic platform for quantum technologies";

n. 1 of which on a specific topic - "Integrated photonics based on hybrid circuits" financed by GEM Elettronica Srl;

n. 3 of which on specific topics, financed by Fondazione IIT:

- "Synthesis of 2d quantum materials"; 

-"Unveiling the electronic properties of twisted Van der Waals heterostructures";

- "Developing novel low dimensional materials for biomedical applications".

n. 1 of which financed by Fondazione IIT



n. 2 of which DM 118/2023 - "Advanced Neurotechnologies"


Faculty of Political and Social Sciences



Political Science and Sociology


n. 5 of which DM 118/2023 - "The political and social development";

Transnational Governance
joint course with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna


n. 1 of which DM 118/2023 - "Transnational Governance in post-pandemic Europe"

n. 2 of which, in the framework of the ERC MENA-PERCfinanced by Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna:

- "Elites and Development: The Political Economy of Regime Coalitions";

- "Sustaining Transition, Undermining Change: Old Elites in New Regimes".


Additional places in collaboration with external institutions or from research projects, as well as those that could be activated on the call herein from the resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan assigned to the SNS, may be made available for this call before the deadline for submission of applications.