Science & Management MBA Programme

The Scuola Normale Superiore, in collaboration with the Collège des Ingénieurs Italia, offers selected Ph.D students the possibility to combine their doctoral course with that of the MBA programme at the Collège.
The unique Science & Management MBA (sMBA), programme thus combines the experience of research in a university context with the acquisition of business skills by means of dedicated educational experiences and work experiences within partner companies of the Collège.
The integration of these two contexts – that of research and that of business – equips the selected candidates with priceless tools for their professional career, enabling them to become the innovators of the future.
The Programme is designed for students of the Faculty of Sciences enrolled in the second year of the four-year Ph.D courses.

Structure of the Programme

The sMBA Programme involves 6 weeks of workshops spread over the 3 years of the Ph.D course. In addition, there are 9 weeks of courses and 26 weeks of company missions upon conclusion of the  Ph.D course.
The programme is modular and the weeks of training are not continuative, so as to have the least impact possible on research activities.
The programme starts in February and finishes with the termination of the company mission, usually around November.

Cornerstones of the Programme


The sMBA Programme possesses some unique characteristics:

  • Its international spirit, thanks to the three sites of Turin, Paris and Munich, where the weeks of workshops will take place.
  • Particular attention to the development of soft skills with dedicated courses, a multitude of work groups and the coaching and mentoring programmes.
  • Focus on innovation, which means that the candidates will be taking part in innovative programmes such as Innovation 4 Change [link a], an impact innovation programme developed in collaboration with CERN of Geneva.
  • The possibility to gain access to the MBA fellows and  CDI Alumni network, for the duration of the programme and after it terminates.

Prerequisites, Candidature and Selection

Admission to the sMBA Programme is by means of a selective procedure for the students of the Scuola's Faculty of Sciences enrolled in the second year of the four-year Ph.D courses.

For the academic year 2023-24 applications for participation in the selection process must be registered online by 24:00 (midnight) (CET) on Tuesday 5 December 2023.

Candidates must include with their application the following documents in PDF  format:

  • a professional photo in JPEG or PNG format;
  • their curriculum vitae et studiorum, in PDF format:
  • a summary of the research that is being carried out within the Ph.D course that they are attending at the SNS, in PDF format (indicative limit  of 2000 characters, spaces included).
  • a letter outlining their reasons for applying to participate in the sMBA Programme, in PDF format (indicative limit of 2000 characters, spaces included).

The selection is based on an individual interview, in English, designed to ascertain the candidate's aptitude for the undertaking of a high-level management-managerial course. During the examination, the selection commission will verify that the candidate's knowledge of the English language is sufficient to ensure his profitable participation in the sMBA Programme.

Oral tests: 11 December 2023

Online application