Transversal activities shared by all Ph.D. courses

Under the national regulations concerning the PhD courses (Ministerial Decree 226/2021), the Scuola has provided ‒ according to its internal regulations ‒ the organization of disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses as well as of transversal activities, shared by all PhD courses: language and information technology lessonsknowledge of the European and international research systems, training in research management, in the enhancement of research results and protection of intellectual property.
Students attending the transversal activities will contribute towards the required education activities under the Ph.D. courses regulation of the SNS; in particular, according to the regulations of the Scuola, the above activities are included in the 150 hours of required attendance, up to a maximum of 30 hours, and must be added in the annual activities report.
Starting from the A.Y. 2022/23, the attendance of the course Open Science and Research Data Management (and use of IRIS)* is mandatory for second year students.

Transversal activities 2023

Open Science and Research Data Management*

Teachers: Emma Lazzeri, Gina PavoneLiise LehtsaluDonatella TamagnoGiacomo CanepaAlexander Palummo

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Academic English: Writing and Presenting with and without the support of LLMs 

Teacher: Dr. Adrian Wallwork

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Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Teacher: Dr. Gizem Gezici 

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