The cultural events and career service


The cultural events and career service co-ordinates, plans and manages the Third Mission initiatives, for the production of cultural events, dissemination activities, Public Engagement and institutional ceremonies. Manages relations with the social, institutional and cultural context of reference. Plans and manages the initiatives and relations with the world of school. Arranges placements, curricular internships, services of support to the career of students and initiatives designed for alumni.

Main Activities

* Planning and management of events and initiatives at an institutional and/or general level (meetings, conferences, manifestations, ceremonies, concert seasons, art exhibitions and other contingent activities both in person and in online or mixed mode.
* Planning and management of events and initiatives of the academic structures and of the centres and laboratories of the Scuola, both in person and in online or mixed mode.
* Planning and management of Third Mission initiatives, with particular reference to the production of public goods (projects of scientific dissemination, public engagement).
* Co-ordination and support for the planning and carrying out of the cultural initiatives of Public Engagement organised by students of the Scuola.
* Co-ordination of the activities connected with meetings and culture, including external ones, programmed at the Cortona site.
* Planning and carrying out of fund raising initiatives for cultural initiatives, activities and projects of the Scuola.
* Co-ordination and planning of initiatives designed for the world of school: university orientation courses, orientation fairs, training and refresher courses for teachers, the La Normale a scuola project, PCTO (school-work alternation project).
* Planning and carrying out of initiatives in the context of job placements.
* Management of incoming and outgoing curricular internships and outgoing extracurricular ones, overseeing of the regulations of reference, management of the inherent agreements, the start-up of training projects.
* Management of relations with the institutions and firms concerning student job placement.
* Management of the alumni network.
* Projects for the promotion of psychological well-being (surveys, work groups, events) and co-ordination of the student counselling service.
* Career counselling, incoming and outgoing orientation for undergraduate and PhD students.
* Support activities for students with disabilities, in co-ordination with the Director's Delegate and the competent offices of the universities of reference, including the complete management of the specialist mentoring.
* Management of student collaboration contracts.