Colloquio De Giorgi

Algebraic integrals and transcendence

Colloquio De Giorgi


  • David Masser
    Universität Basel
  • Contatti


    David Masser - Universität Basel
    Algebraic integrals and transcendence

    We know much about the transcendence of algebraic integrals like
    Here the first arises from the area of a lemniscate considered by Count Fagnano, who in fact was more interested in the arc length (which we shall also consider). But how does one actually determine whether given integrals like the above are transcendental or not? In this talk I review some of what was known, and I also sketch an effective (and reasonably practical) method for integrals such as these.

    No previous knowledge will be assumed.

    The event will take place in person.