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Stefano Tortorici

Allievo del Corso di Perfezionamento/PhD

Political Science and Sociology


Stefano Tortorici is a PhD Candidate in Political Science and Sociology at Scuola Normale Superiore, a member of the Centre on Social Movement Studies (Cosmos), and a research fellow for the year 2023-2024 of the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy (ICDE) at the New School of New York.

Stefano’s research is situated at the intersection of social movement studies, platform economy, labour and organisational sociology, and economic and political theory. His current research investigates how blockchain technology and financial platform cooperatives can overcome the traditional problems of cooperatives. Additionally, his work explores the economic debate among cooperatives and socialist scholars to grasp the relationship between cooperatives and the market.

Stefano holds a bachelor’s in Philosophy from the University of Turin, where he debated a thesis on Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844. He strengthened his political and critical background at Vrije (Amsterdam), Nanterre (Paris), and Milan Bicocca Universities. Moreover, he holds a master’s degree cum laude in Contemporary History from the University of Bologna. There, he wrote his thesis, Platform Cooperativism: Organization of Labour and Radical Democracy in the XXI Century, under the supervision of Professors Sandro Mezzadra and Paola Rudan. He is also part of a collective inquiry on Amazon’s territorial development in the Po Valley region under the coordination of the research collective Into the Black Box.