The budget and accountancy service

The Service manages the budget and accounting of the SNS by the processing of the documents specified by prevailing law (university annual and three-year single budgets, university budgets not authorized for financial accounting, university unified financial statements, university budgets for financial accounting and consolidated financial statements), management of the accounting processes, and the detection, monitoring and analysis of the economic values (returns and costs) and of the financial values (income and outflow).

It manages financial flows and relations with the cashiers' institute, and monitors liquidity and financial management.

It manages the fulfilment of fiscal obligations linked to IVA (VAT) and to income declaration (tax returns) and of all legal and ministerial obligations linked to accounting activities, including the data management of the Platform for the Certification of Credits of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Organisation of the main activities:

  • Acquisition of goods and services

Technical Management Structures - Laboratories - Management - General Secretary – Construction Service

Contact: Francesca Bracaloni

Teaching Area – Cultural Events and Internationalization Area – Communication Office – Catering Service – Polo Fiorentino Area

Contact : Vincenzo Girardi

ICT Projects and Services Area - Organization and Assessment Office - Prevention and Protection Office - General Affairs and Acquisition Area

Contact: Chiara Pratesi

Property and Hospitality Service – Archive registration and Mail Service - Personnel Administration Service - Library Centre – Centro Edizioni

Contact: Alessio Lampredi

Research and Innovation Area - Maintenance Service

Contact: Gisella Chinè

  • Company credit card management (regulations for the acquisition of goods and services) - Expense reimbursements

Contact: Gisella Chinè

  • Treasury (petty cash)

Contact: Chiara Pratesi

  • Proceeds
    • Management of incomes (Edizioni - ministerial - miscellaneous)
    • Issuing of sales invoices
    • Registration of payments
    • Accounting of the Centro Edizioni sales invoices

Contacts: Chiara Pratesi, Alessio Lampredi (Centro Edizioni)

  • Fulfilment of fiscal obligations

    • Fulfilment of various fiscal obligations
    • Income tax declaration (Tax returns)

Contact: Chiara Pratesi

  • Fulfilment of PCC obligations, annual and quarterly payment timeliness indicator, annual late payment indicator, debt stock monitoring

Contact : Chiara Pratesi