Modern History-The explosion of political conflict.Revolts and revolutions

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The course is in continuity with the courses Doing History of Political Conflict. Issues and Problems and Rethinking Political Conflict in the Seventeenth Century and is aimed at doctoral students, but is also recommended for ordinary and postgraduate students.


The course aims to propose an interpretation of the European revolts and revolutions of the modern era, focusing first on the French Revolution and then analysing revolts and revolutions of the first half of the 19th century, up to the Paris Commune. It intends to propose interpretations of these events that are removed from traditional readings and open to the new acquisitions of contemporary historical research.

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The course aims to transmit a series of keys that enable the student to approach the study of the acute phases of political conflict also for epochs subsequent to the treated chronological arc and for areas outside the treated basin, the European one.

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During the course of the lectures, the reference texts to be used will be gradually indicated