The D’Ancona management structure


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The technical and management structure supports and manages the administrative and technical activities of the Laboratorio Strategie Multidisciplinari Applicate alla Ricerca e alla Tecnologia (Laboratory for Multidisciplinary Strategies Applied to Research and Technology) (SMART).

Main activities

Support to the activities of the research personnel working in the laboratory in the technical functions needed for the specific field of research. In particular, the technical personnel carry out the following:
* High Performance Computing (HPC): installation, management and maintenance of the  workstations of the research personnel and of the software commonly used in the scientific world, such as compilers, libraries and software for  computational chemistry.
Contact: Alberto Coduti
* Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and scientific visualisation: development of visualisation and interaction metaphors by means of advanced devices and human-machine interfaces, both for standard peripheries and for natural interfaces. Installation, management and maintenance of software and hardware dedicated to VR, AR, 3D scanning and printing.
Niccolò Albertini
* Assurance of the correct functioning of the equipment and instrumentation of the research centre or laboratory, in collaboration with the High Performance Computing Centre.
* Acquisition of goods and services necessary for the research activities and programmes, partly by means of interaction with the designated structures of the central administration.
* Support to the teaching, dissemination events and collaborations with universities, research organisations and private companies in Italy and abroad (Europe and the USA), with participation in the drawing up of dedicated agreements. 


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