Confidential Counsellor


The role of the Confidential Counsellor is to prevent and combat discrimination, abuse and molestation in the workplace and in places of study. 
In complete autonomy and with respect for the privacy of all those involved, the Confidential Counsellor has the following role:
-to give assistance and hear complaints, in guarantee of complete anonymity, whenever anyone claims to be the victim of discrimination, abuse or molestation and, more specifically, of  violations of the Scuola's Ethical Code, with particular reference to those mentioned in articles 3, 4 and 5, and/or of mobbing on the part of another member of the Scuola or any other person involved in activities carried out in connection with the Scuola, and to assist in the settlement of the case;

  • to monitor situations of risk, and, again in guarantee of complete anonymity, to investigate the extent and nature of unease in individual cases;
  • in full guarantee of anonymity of all subjects involved, to exercise her right to gain access to all administrative documents relevant to any case that comes to her attention and to any information necessary for its satisfactory conclusion;
  • to collaborate with the Comitato Unico di Garanzia (CUG), whose meetings she may be invited to attend;
  • to provide reports, at least once a year and at any other time she deems opportune, to the Comitato Unico di Garanzia and to the Scuola's authorities on the outcomes of her activities, including that of monitoring.

Should you feel that you have been the victim of conduct violating the Scuola's Ethical Code, and in particular referring to articles 3, 4 and 5  of the Code relating to discrimination, abuse of office or abuse of rights, or else molestation, including of a sexual nature, and/or mobbing, as an alternative to or prior to recourse to the formal procedure envisioned in the Scuola's Ethical Code  (art. 17 and subsequent) you may approach the Confidential Counsellor to apply for an informal procedure in an attempt to settle the case in a reasonably brief time span, in any case no longer than 45 days.
Upon receiving the complaint and obtaining the complainant's consent to activate the proceedings, the Confidential Counsellor will set in motion the informal process of negotiating a settlement: 

  • by hearing the testimony of the person complaining of behaviour deemed offensive and, in complete confidence, that of any witnesses to the act, and by accessing any administrative documents relevant to the case under scrutiny;
  • by consultation with both parties through meetings, separately or together, with a view to mediation and conciliation;
  • by ensuring the effective cessation of the offensive behaviour, suggesting possible ways of preventing situations of unease in the workplace or in places of study, and/or combating situations of unease.

The complaint to the Confidential Counsellor may be withdrawn by the complainant at any moment during the informal procedure, unless the counterpart, upon being informed of the setting in motion of the procedure, expresses a wish to seek an informal and positive settlement of the case.

We strongly urge you to seek the Counsellor's help should you feel that you are the victim of any of the above mentioned behaviours.

Please remember that you can also take your case to the CUG (Comitato Unica di Garanzia) by sending an e-mail or by contacting directly any member of the Committee.