Ethical Committee - CGCE (Comitato Garante del Codice Etico)

Consigliera di fiducia

The Ethical Committee (Comitato Garante del Codice Etico) (CGCE) was established with the aim of promoting and guaranteeing respect for the fundamental values underlying the good functioning of the community of the Normale. Together with the Confidential Counsellor, it works to combat all forms of discrimination, molestation or abuse, guaranteeing full anonymity to all subjects involved at every step.
The Ethical Committee is engaged to carry out the following activities:

  •  to carry out consultation, research, monitoring and verification of  compliance with the Ethical Code
  • to analyse reports of any violations of the Ethical Code and to carry out the relevant investigation;
  • to disseminate its activities and the themes connected to them.

The CGCE operates by offering two channels for resolving disputes. The first is an informal one, consisting of a consultation with the Confidential Counsellor, who attempts to reach an amicable solution; if this fails, a formal complaint can be lodged, on the basis of which the Ethical Committee proceeds to ascertain whether any violation has been committed and arranges or proposes, where necessary, a disciplinary reprimand or a penalty.

The Ethical Committee is composed of:

  • a representative of the lecturing staff, who acts as its President;
  • a representative of the technical and administrative personnel;
  • a representative of the researchers;
  • two representatives of the undergraduate and Ph.D students, belonging to two different faculties; 
  • a representative of the research staff different from the researchers on temporary and permanent contract;  
  • a member of the CUG appointed by the committee itself;
  • the Confidential Counsellor.

The Ethical Committee collaborates with the CUG and with the Officer for the prevention of corruption, in accordance with Law 190/2012.