Associazione Amici della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

The Friends of the Scuola Normale Association is a free partnership between institutions and companies based in Pisa in Piazza del Cavalieri 7, Scuola Normale Superiore.
 In particular, through its structure and the initiatives promoted throughout the years in different sectors, the Association  aims to develop permanent ties between the economic and business worlds and the Normale, and carry out activities and implement interventions of interest to the SNS.
In particular, the Association aims to:
a- develop and stimulate, in collaboration with the SNS, initiatives for the dissemination of the activities and the results of the Scuola, enhancing the use of the latter for companies;
b. offer the experience and support of its members and third parties for the implementation of the SNS’s programmes in the areas of research and higher education, favouring the development of these activities and the strengthening of the Scuola’s equipment, and real estate;
c. carry out and encourage any useful activity for the SNS, including fund raising activities;
d. formulate proposals for the study of scientific - educational projects, of relevant national interest, to be implemented at the Scuola;
 e. carry out studies and research on the proposal of the SNS.


  1. Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. (sostenitore)
  2. Allianz S.p.A.
  3. Banca d’Italia
  4. Fondazione Pisa
  5. Mediobanca S.p.A.
  6. UniCredit S.p.A.

Management Committee

  1. Salvatore Rossi - President
  2. Giuliano Amato - Past President
  3. Enrico Tommaso Cucchiani - Deputy Vice President
  4. Stefano Lucchini - Vice President
  5. Luigi Ambrosio
  6. Monica Barni
  7. Francesco Carri
  8. Roberto Cerreto
  9. Stefano Del Corso
  10. Mario Di Napoli
  11. Stefano Marmi
  12. Alessandra Nardini
  13. Mario Piazza
  14. Riccardo Prodam
  15. Alberto Quadrio Curzio


General Secretary -Treasurer - Daniele Altamore

Auditor - Luca Cecconi

Codice Fiscale:    01144390505