The Gruppo Sportivo Culturale Ricreativo (GSCR) of the Scuola Normale Superiore

The Gruppo Sportivo Culturale Ricreativo (GSCR)  (the Cultural Recreational and Sports Group) of the Scuola Normale Superiore was founded in the early 1980s on the initiative of a group of employees.

It intends  to offer its members leisure opportunities by promoting cultural, sports and recreational activities (trips, visits to exhibitions, monuments, nature reserves, etc., loan of CDs, books and magazines owned by the club, as well as agreements with local businesses).
Executive board
* Stefania Battelli
* Chiara Bertini 
* Claudio Grande
* Silvia Quaglieri (President and Tresurer)
* Irene Ricci         
* Fabrizio Rossi (Secretary)
* Simona Valle
Board of auditors
* Michela Colombini
* Daniela Palla (Secretary)
* Simona Valle (President)