Activation of new social media channels

All official social profiles of the Scuola Normale Superiore must:

  • be immediately connected to a structure of the Scuola Normale Superiore;
  • display the SNS logo or include it – in its entirety and respecting the correct margins – within the visuals;
  • be overseen and moderated. The profile administrator must be nominated by the structure manager and the Communications Office must be notified of the nomination.

The Communications Office supports structures intending to open social media accounts, providing information and explanations about the SNS social media system and suggesting which platform or platforms to use on the basis of the requirements and targets of reference. To open a new account, profile or page, structures must send their requests to the Social Network Editorial Office, at the e-mail address, and they will then be submitted to the Central Web Editorial Office.

Requests must include the following information:

  • denomination  of the structure;
  • social platform/s chosen;
  • denomination  of the account;
  • representative and account administrator (if different) and the relative contacts;
  • web site (active);
  • target of reference;
  • editorial plan of the contents.

The setting out of the Editorial Plan must be in accordance with the principles and aims of the SNS profile, and must be oriented around the themes identified.

The Communications Office provides the profile image coherent with the visual identity of the Scuola Normale Superiore, and the link to the social media policy.
Any variations in the basic information of the account communicated at its opening, above all regarding the representative or the account administrator, must be sent at once to the Social Network Editorial Office.

The structures that administer accounts, pages or social profiles activated prior to  these guidelines must send to a sheet containing all the information needed for requests for opening new accounts.

Those presiding over and managing the official social network channels are required to guarantee constant monitoring of the contents and statistic data provided by the host platforms. In particular, close attention must be paid to the messages and comments of the users: it is important to act immediately, directly in the case of the managers themselves, or by providing the reference contacts. For sensitive comments or complex requests, those managing the accounts are urged to refer to the Communications Office to agree on the responses.

To foster a community based on interactions and on the exchange of information of interest to the public, it is important to notify the Social Network Editorial Office of those contents that are the most relevant to the entire community of the SNS, published on individual accounts, and to share the important news for its own public of reference from the official SNS accounts.

The account administrator of the SNS social profiles is directly responsible for the use of the social pages, the contents it publishes and the manner in which it operates, the social profiles it chooses to follow, and any decisions to share contents produced by others. If news items coming from web sites external to the SNS (reposts) are published, the reliability of the source and the date on which the news was published must be verified. For any doubts as to the reliability of information, it is advisable to contact the Social Network Editorial Office (Redazione Social) to discuss the issue.

The account administrator is required to act as a moderator and to ensure compliance, within the spaces he or she manages, with the social media policy of the SNS. In the case of violations on the part of users, the account administrator will take the steps as specified in the policy.

The Social Network Editorial Office (Redazione Social) may monitor contents published in the accounts of the structures and notify the Central Web Editorial Office of any violations of the social media policy or of the guidelines herein.