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Resources for the SNS community

These guidelines were drawn up in order to clarify the communication system of the Scuola Normale Superiore. In addition, they are a support tool for the SNS community  for the inclusion and support of the promotion of the co-ordinated  image of the Scuola Normale Superiore in an aware and creative manner, within the system described.
For this reason some resources (at the implementation stage) useful for a communication in line with the co-ordinated institutional image (fonts, slide templates, photographs, backgrounds for video calls) are made available to SNS users. We urge a coherent use of these guidelines and of the visual identity manual.

Below are some preliminary instructions for the use of the materials.

The fonts

Downloading and installing on your computer(s) the institutional font and that used for the running text (body text) makes it possible to utilise the PowerPoint template, or to produce official documents in their correct format.
We thus recommend as a priority action the installation of the two fonts and the  restarting of the  Office/iWork apps before their use.
The institutional font should be used sparingly. It is a recognisable but formal font, to be utilised solely for the titles and for any subtitles but not for the running text.
If documents are created that are to be shared on devices on which the two fonts cannot be installed, texts and PowerPoint presentations can be saved in PDF to preserve the format or Arial can be used, to avoid  incompatibility.

PowerPoint/Keynote slide templates

The official templates available are in two formats (4:3 and 16:9), in black and white themes.
For the header text and for the titles the institutional font  is used, and for the the slide body the font for the running text.
In order to visualise and utilise the correct fonts in the slides, remember to install the two fonts on your computer(s) and restart the PowerPoint or Keynote app before opening the templates.
If the slides are shared on devices on which the two fonts cannot be installed, PowerPoint/Keynote presentations can be saved in PDF to preserve the format, or the Arial font can be used as an alternative, to avoid  incompatibility or accidental changes in the settings.
For the use of the  text colours and any infographics, tables or visuals, please refer to the palette indicated in the visual identity manual.

For your convenience, you will find here below the hexadecimal codes corresponding to the institutional shades:


palette colori


The photographs

The file contains some photos of buildings and spaces of theScuola Normale Superiore that may serve as an accompaniment to your institutional presentations.
These are but an infinitesimal part of an extensive  archive at the disposal of the Communications Office, which you can contact should you need a more extensive supply of images or further support for the planning of complex presentations.

The logo

The official logo of the Scuola Normale Superiore is designed in four variants (colour/range of grey, horizontal/vertical).
There are also two variants in white (horizontal/vertical), to be used only if the background colour on which the logo is to be placed does not allow for adequate legibility for the colour/range of grey variants. For a correct graphical and contextual use of the logo, you should consult the visual identity manual. The logo cannot be directly downloaded in the variants available, but can be requested (specifying the use required) at

Further tools and contacts

You are advised to consult the visual identity manual.
For any queries or requests, you can contact the Communications Office: