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EELISA Innovation Talks

Quantum technology and the second quantum revolution, now!


  • Fabio Beltram
    Scuola Normale Superiore
  • Vittorio Giovannetti
    Scuola Normale Superiore
  • Carlo Sirtori
    École Normale Supérieure - PSL
  • Michele Dallari
  • Federico Mattei
    IBM Quantum
  • Sébastien Jezouin
    Alice & Bob
  • As part of EELISA  "Innovation Talks", Scuola Normale is excited to present a panel discussion exploring the fascinating realm of quantum technology and the second quantum revolution. This event promises to offer a unique opportunity for those outside the field to gain a firsthand understanding of quantum science and technology, with a particular emphasis on practical applications in industries and on information processing.

    Professors Fabio Beltram (SNS), Carlo Sirtori (PSL), and Vittorio Giovannetti (SNS) will discuss what QST is, what we can expect, and its practical impact on our world today. Industry guest speakers from IBM Quantum, as well as speakers from two spin-offs, Planckian (SNS) and Alice & Bob (ENS), will present examples of the transfer of QST research into industrial innovation.

    The event will be held on October 30th at 16:00 CET at SNS in a hybrid form and streamed live to the world on EELISA's YouTube Channel.