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Umberto Zannier

Professore Ordinario


050 509262
Palazzo della Carovana , terzo piano, stanza 54


Born, May 25, 1957
- 1976/80 - Student, University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa.
- 1980/83 - Perfezionando, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa (and Teaching Assistant, Un. Illinois).
- Then Ricercatore (Padova 1983/1987), Associate Professor of Algebra (Salerno 1987/1991),
- Full Professor of Geometry (Venice 1991/2003).
- Since 2004: Full Professor of Geometry (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)

Main research interests: Number Theory, especially DiophantineGeometryand related topics


2004 - Elected member (non-resident) of the Academy Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti.
2005 - Prize: Medal for Mathematics of the Italian National Academy of Sciences.
2006 - Elected member of Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.
2011 - Recipient of Advanced Grant “Diophantine Problems” (5 years), by the European Research Council.
2012 - Elected member of “Academia Europaea”.


2011: Prize “Premio S. Marco” (Citta di Pordenone) and Member of the Accademia S. Marco(Pordenone).
2011: Honorary member of the ‘Societ`a indologica Pio Tessitori’ (Udine), for promoting scientific cooperation with Indian mathematics.
- The work of Zannier has been the object of two “Seminaire Bourbaki” by Y. Bilu (on the Subspace Theorem) and by A. Chambert-Loir (on Unlikely Intersections).



- Several lectures at New York Number Theory Seminar (Columbia-NYU-CUNY).
- Colloquium, Univ. Tel Aviv, 2002.
- Plenary lectures at Journèes Arithmetiques" (Graz 2003 and Grenoble 2013), 
- Invited lecture, IV European Congress of Mathematics" (Stockholm, 2004),
- Plenary lecture at CNTA XII (Lethbridge 2012), 
- Plenary lectures at symposia in honor of   L. Szpiro (Paris-Orsay 2001 and New York 2011), W.M. Schmidt (Vienna 2004), G. Wuestholz (ETH Zuerich 2011), C. De Concini (Cortona 2012-Venezia 2019), Joe Silverman (Brown Univ. 2015), C. Deninger (2018), D. Goldfeld (2018).
- Plenary lecture at Number Theory Days, ETH, 2008.
- Nachdiploma Course ETH (then shifted to a shorter course per personal reasons), 2009
- Plenary lecture at Giornata Indam 2009, 
-  `Hermann Weil Lectures',  Institute for Advanced Study,  Princeton, May 2010.
- Multiple lectures at Midrasha Math. School, Israel Inst. for Adv. St., Jerusalem 2013.
- Plenary lecture at joint meeting of Austrian and German Math. Societies, Innsbruch, 2013.
- Invited lecture at ICM Seoul 2014.
- Lecture at Oxford Clay meeting on Functional Transcendence, 2014.

- Ritt Lectures, Columbia University, 2016.

- Lectures at Alpbach Summer School (with P. Scholze and S. Zhang).

- Distinguished Lecture Series at Fields Institute (Toronto, 2017).

- Minerva Lecture Series, Princeton University, 2017.

- PIMS Distinguished Colloquium Lecture (Univ British Columbia, Vancouver, 2018).

- Colloquium Lecture, Univ., Rochester and Univ, Princeton, 2019.

- Invitation as plenary lecturer at 8-th European Congress of Mathematics, 2020.


Visited Institute for Advanced Study Princeton (Member in 2000 and 2019), Israel Institute for Advanced Studies Jerusalem, Institut Henri Poincarè Paris, IHES Paris, ETH  Zuerich,  MSRI Berkeley, Schroedinger Institut ,  Vienna, and several universities.


- Since  2004:  non resident  Member of Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. 
- Medal for Mathematics  2005 from the italian National Academy of Sciences.
- Since  2006 Corr. Member of Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.
- Recipient of an Advanced Grant, by the Europ. Research Council, 2011.
- Since 2012 Member of Academia Europaea.


- 1989 Amalfi Symposium in Analytic Number Theory (with E. Bombieri, A. Perelli, S.Salerno)- Co-editor of Proceedings.
- 1995: Number Theory Meeting, Venezia.
- 2000: CIME Summer School in Diophantine Approximation (with F. Amoroso), Cetraro - Italy, co-editor of Springer Proceedings.
- 2004: Diophantine Geometry, trimester at Centro De Giorgi (Pisa), Co-Editor of Proceedings.
- 2005/2014: Colloquia De Giorgi (series of lectures at Scuola Normale), Editor of the corresponding publication (by Edizioni della Normale)
- 2008: Meeting of cooperation Italy-India (with M. Waldshmidt, R. Balasubramanian), Pisa.
- 2011: AIM meeting on Unlikely Intersections (with J. Pila and Am. Inst. of Math., Pisa)
- 2012: ERC meeting in Diophantine Geometry (bimester in Pisa).
- 2014: II ERC meeting in Diophantine Geometry (two weeks, Cetraro, Italy)
- 2015: III ERC meeting in Diophantine Geometry (27--29 May, Roma, Accademia dei Lincei)

- 2019: Co-organizer of JNT Biennial (with D. Goldfeld, D. Prasad, E. Ullmo, S. Zhang).

- 2005/2018: Co-organizer of workshops in Dioph. Approximation at CIRM Luminy and Math. FI. Oberwolfach.


Acta Arithmetica,
 Annali Sci. Scuola Normale Superiore (Director since 2012), 
Boll. U.M.I.,
 International Math. Res. Notices, 
International J. of Number Theory (Managing Editor- resigned 2018),
Journal of Number Theory (since 2018).
Journal European Math. Soc., 
Monatshefte fuer Math., 
Rend. Accademia Lincei, 
Rend. Sem. Mat. Univ. Padova. 


- Some Applications of Diophantine Approximation to Diophantine Equation (Udine Forum, 2002)
- Lecture Notes on Diophantine Analysys (Edizioni della Normale, 2005, reprinted 2014)
- Some problems of Unlikely Intersections in Arithmetic and Geometry, Annals of Math. Studies, n. 181, Princeton Univ. Press, 2012.

- Lecture Notes on the Elementary Theory of Valuations (with R. Scognamillo, Ed. della Normale).
- Applications of Dioph. Approximation to Integral Points and Transcendence (with P. Corvaja), Cambridge Univ. Press, 2018.

Contributed to math. non-technical articles for Le Matematiche" (Einaudi, 2008), and "Terzo Millennio" (Treccani).

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