Seeking the true nature of neutrinos: was Ettore Majorana right ?

Seeking the true nature of neutrinos: was Ettore Majorana right ?


  • Marco Pallavicini
    Università di Genova

After almost 100 years since its birth, the neutrino is still the less understood particle of the Standard Model, the established theory of particles and fields. Neutrinos are the most abundant massive particles of the universe (as far as we know) and they are emitted copiously by stars, nuclear reactor, particle accelerators, the Earth and even the human body, but despite many recent discoveries they remain very mysterious on several aspects. The so called Neutrino-less Double Beta decay, a very rare radioactive decay of some nuclei, may, despite its name, offer the opportunity to uncover the main mystery about neutrinos, namely if they behave like the other spin ½ particles of the Standard Model or, uniquely, they behave as predicted by Ettore Majorana in the middle 30s, when the brilliant Italian theoretician developed a theory of neutrinos as possible alternative with that developed by Paul Dirac. While it is clear that charged particles must follow Dirac theory, the Majorana option is still perfectly valid for neutral particles such as neutrinos. The seminar will go through neutrino properties and history and finally describe how neutrino-less double beta decay may teach us if Ettore was right or wrong.


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Il seminario si terrà in modalità telematica. 

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