Private Actors as Governance Actors

<p><strong>Workshop Series Debating Transnational Governance</strong></p>
Co-organized by Gemma Gasseau, Nikolas Passos and Valerii Saenko - Scuola Normale Superiore Private actors and corporations have increasingly shaped Transnational Governance in the last few decades. Their influence in politics and society has ranged from privatization and deregulation at the end of the 20th century, to this date with policy lobbying, stakeholder management, and cooptation of ideas of sustainability On the one hand the rise of private governance is celebrated as more efficient and favoring coordination without political and bureaucratic problems connected to governmental actors. On the other hand, non-governmental actors became able to dictate, redefine or create new policies and narratives on human rights, public goods and services, citizenship and other social and political issues. Hence, in this workshop we will explore the role of private actors in shaping the organization of governance, through a general understanding of the political power of corporations, but also through the analysis of different sectors, such as finance and public services. Eleni Tsingou, Copenhagen Business School “Power Elites in Financial Governance” Emanuele Lobina, University of Greenwich London “Power and private monopolistic interest in the water sector” John Mikler, University of Sydney “Private Authority and the Potential for Private Governance”   To join on Gmeet platform: Click here - Private actors as governance actors_7 June 2021 For info: